The eLog library was initially developed as a research prototype and later published for lifelogging researchers in 2010 to help them easily analyze heterogenous data and complex visualization. It has been kept growing with the progress of mobile computing environments and recently its UI part is released with GPL v3 license for wider usage. The eLog UI library is optimized for mobile environment and can get easily integrated with existing Web services.

Who We Are

The original work was proposed by Pil Ho and later extended the work with collaboration with 28 researchers around the world who contributed their lifelogs, collaborated for lifelog analysis and share research results to build up an open lifelogging platform for the public. Pil Ho has been keeping the development updating the library following up the progress in mobile computing.


  • Nov. 2014: Change the web page skin using bootstrap.
  • Nov. 2014: Published elog UI library as GPL v3.
  • Oct. 2014: Version up eLog library and documentation.


Pics 'n' Trails Dataset will soon get available

Thanks to Dr. Chaminda de Silva, he kindly provided his long-term life log data (Pics 'n' Trails dataset) to eLifeLog.org. We will soon start working on the data for post processing and the result will be federated to members' database. Check out Pics 'n' Trails dataset preparation to see the progress. Image access will need a secure connection through the server APIs with your API key, as always.

Again, thanks a lot,  Dr. Chaminda de Silva.

One more news to add is that as we announced at the last technical session, right now one of our members is archiving HD video streams with GPS. He is traveling around France and Swiss and will get back at the end of this June. After we are scheduling to take a video of roads using a bike. If you are planning a trip to somewhere and/or want to collect your own life logs, we will support necessary sensors and items. Please apply in advance :)