The eLog library was initially developed as a research prototype and later published for lifelogging researchers in 2010 to help them easily analyze heterogenous data and complex visualization. It has been kept growing with the progress of mobile computing environments and recently its UI part is released with GPL v3 license for wider usage. The eLog UI library is optimized for mobile environment and can get easily integrated with existing Web services.

Who We Are

The original work was proposed by Pil Ho and later extended the work with collaboration with 28 researchers around the world who contributed their lifelogs, collaborated for lifelog analysis and share research results to build up an open lifelogging platform for the public. Pil Ho has been keeping the development updating the library following up the progress in mobile computing.


  • Nov. 2014: Change the web page skin using bootstrap.
  • Nov. 2014: Published elog UI library as GPL v3.
  • Oct. 2014: Version up eLog library and documentation.


Invitation to the eLifeLog.org technical session for UNITN

* SUMMARY: Thanks to all attendents. It was great to meet you all in the session. For whom missed this technical session, please find an attached slide that Pil Ho used for presentation. See you all again :)

We are going to have the first official technical session for developers and researchers. For members interested in technical aspects of eLifeLog.org services, this session will be the best time to get the answer and also say your words for improvements.

* TITLE: eLifeLog.org Technical Sesssion for UNITN
* WHEN: Tuesday May 31 from 14:00 to 16:00
* WHERE: Toblino Terlago seminar room, Via Sommarive 14, I-38100 POVO (TN) - Italy
* ABSTRACT: This talk will give you an in-depth view of the current eLifeLog.org backend system. Specifically I will give the details on (1) the current service structure, (2) cloud database configurations, (3) federated user table management, (4) Drupal CMS, (5) developer's API access and demos on using them, (6) hands-on experiences in capturing lifelog data, and (7) upcoming services and plans. In addition, a new 3D HD video system just arrived for next phase e-Log data collection will be presented for demo with some early captured 3D clips. A limited number of 3D glasses will be available for your preview. The purpose of this demo is to draw your attention for discussion on the way to design the service backend to pump up 3D videos and related information through the eLifeLog service. We will talk on various aspects of captured 3D lifelog movies including their video quality, limits and chances for enhanced image processing, audio processing, and high-level objet recognition for behavior recognition. Your inputs will be very important in setting up this direction.
* ANNOUNCEMENT: We have limited seats but you are highly encouraged to invite more people. We are also looking for volunteers for data experiments. During or after session, please contact Pil Ho for detail information. 


Note: Meeting room is changed to Toblino, not Terlago.